Social Services

We, at Sarathi, have been associated with NGOs like "Seva in Action” ( & "Institute for Youth & Development” ( since our very inception. It's our motto, and social responsibility too, to do whatever possible for the welfare of the society. We all understand that the three most important fundamental things that are of utmost importance for any country or society to prosper are education, health care, and infrastructure. We at Sarathi have decided to contribute towards education and empowerment of people with disabilities.

We have been making financial contributions to both the Koramangala based NGOs from time to time. Apart from that we also try to help in many other kinds whatever is possible within our scope.

Seva-in-Action a voluntary organization started in 3rd April 1985. It has made an attempt to understand the needs of People with Disabilities (PWDs) in rural areas and its relation to the community strengths in developing an appropriate Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) & Inclusive Education (IE) models. It also tries to understand the children world (with disabilities) in the context of related educational structures that determine their lives, their development and individual growth and also promote the right to go to school.

Seva-in-Action has developed a cost effective, socio-culturally appropriate, comprehensive, sustainable & holistic Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) programme aiming at total Rehabilitation of all persons with disabilities (PWDs) in rural areas of Karnataka, which can be replicated in the rest of the country (India).

Institute for Youth and Development is a secular, non-profit voluntary organization established in 1978. It aims to promote the process of equity, social justice and sustainable development.

IYD is a registered NGO under the Indian Trust Act 1960 (Reg. No. 116 of 78-79 dated 02-06-1978). It is also registered with Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, under FCRA (No. 094420003 dated 27-12-1984); exempted u/s 80G of IT Act 1961. It is recognized as a Consultative Rural Development Voluntary Agency by the Government of Karnataka (G.O. No. RDC.198/IRO dated 03-05-84). It is also a member of District and State Level Committees in Education; Panchayati Raj and Rural Development and State Level Committee on Voters Awareness Campaign. IYD currently is collaborating with the KAS, USAID, EED, CIDA Government of India/Government of Karnataka and other National and International development organizations.